The company is founded by Anand Choudha, an Electronics Engineering graduate with Masters in Business Management, a 13 year industry veteran with over 7 years experience in middle east working in various capacities in IT organizations. His experience varies working from SI to Distributors to Principals. Overall Anand’s understanding of the market and the vision to create a value for niche products in the market led to the incubation of the company.

Our team is comprised of engineers, sales and leadership team who have rich experience across MEA in helping adoption of integrity solutions to partners and customers. A key strategy contributing to the people’s success has been their extremely good understanding of customer’s business requirement helping match the right technology to the need. Working in Middle East channel market and knowing the way business is handled we bring the same fluid business experience in channel management. Our people have deep technical and functional understanding of the business and very good experience working with partner and vendor ecosystem thus minimizing disruption in dealing with a new vendor and in turn allow them to deal quickly, collaboratively and enjoyably.

We are backed by large investors, so we’ll always have room to expand. Expansion and investments in future technological innovations allows us to continuously improve reliability and redundancy, while at the same time keep our pricing competitive, leaving you with more capital to expand your business without any loss in quality.