In mid-2007, A10 Networks launched AX Series, a family of application delivery controllers/load balancing appliances, which won Best of Show at Interop 2007 in the Network Infrastructure (middle range) category. In 2008 the AX Series won Grand Prix/Best of Interop Tokyo for best Carrier/Internet Service Provider (ISP) solution.  In 2009, the AX Series won two Grand Prix/Best of Interop Tokyo awards in the Network Infrastructure and ShowNet Product categories. And in 2010, the 64-bit AX Series family of application delivery controllers won Best of Microsoft TechEd for Networking.  In 2011, A10 Networks received an Inc. 500 award as a fast growth private company in North America for the second consecutive year, including #1 Computer Hardware vendor, Top 10 Internet company  and an entrepreneur award for CEO Lee Chen.

In August 2012, a jury in California found A10 Networks responsible for intellectual property infringement and unfair competition, awarding Brocade Communications Systems a $112 million verdict. On May 21, 2013, A10 and Brocade reached a settlement of their legal disputes.

In May 2013 A10 launched its A10 Thunder Series platforms, which are hardware and software Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs). A10 Thunder Series won awards at the TechEd 2013 show in New Orleans, Louisiana for the Hardware category as well as the Attendees’ Pick award.

Products and services[edit]
A10 Thunder Series platforms, are hardware and software Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) that provide Unified Application Service Gateway functionality by consolidating premium solution modules for intelligent Cloud services in the most efficient form factors. Built on A10’s scalable and flexible Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) architecture, the new Thunder Series models consolidate stand-alone solutions encompassing ADCs and Server Load Balancers; and features such as Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT), IPv6 Migration, DNS Application Firewall, Web Application Firewall (WAF), SSL Intercept, next-generation Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, Application Access Management (AAM), and more, without license fees.
The AX Series application delivery controllers consists of 12 models, including nine 64-bit  and three 32-bit models. They feature Layer 4-7 server load balancing and application acceleration features and include a range of platforms that vary according to performance. All models include SSL ASIC off-load. Higher performance models add more hardware features, greater port density, more ASIC/FPGA technology and hardware based DDoS protection. With the introduction of 64-bit appliances in October 2011, A10’s flagship AX Series box, the AX 5200-11, achieves 4.5 million Layer 4 connections per second and 40 gigabits per second throughput with 660 watts maximum power consumption. In 2010 a cloud computing and virtualization roadmap, SoftADC hypervisor based products (SoftAX and AX-V), a Virtual Chassis (aVCS) and Multi-tenancy features were announced.
SoftAX is a virtual or software-based Application Delivery Controller developed by A10. It is part of A10’s AX Series ADC family of products. SoftAX can be downloaded instantly and installed into any organization’s existing virtual machine (VM) environment. A10 offers a 30-day free trial of SoftAX for the following hypervisors: VMware ESXi, KVM, Citrix Xen, and Microsoft Hyper-V.
aGalaxy is a network management solution offered by A10. It supports network administrators to manage any A10 Thunder Series or AX Series device or SoftAX from a single point. aGalaxy offers real-time consolidated views of all A10 devices within a network and is flexible to the organization’s needs. aGalaxy solutions range from simplified device management solutions to event management and reporting solutions to encompass an advanced management solution.
The EX Series is a bandwidth management appliance and consists of the EX 1100, and 2110. The products include identity reporting with Quality of service and link load balancing. EX Series and ID Series integrate for additional identity tracking features.
The ID Series 1100  is a network identity management appliance. It includes features for identity tracking, password management and RADIUS.